Washing machine error codes

    The Washing Machine errors code can be generated by an intelligent technician using the LCD display or through flashing indicators. There are several Washing Machine error codes below: Washing machine errors codes F01  Signal of problems in the operation of the drive motor due to a short circuit in the control circuit F02  The […]

Oven common issues

The change in the color of the fire indicates unstable operation of the gas burner.  The color of the flame varies with incomplete combustion of gas or lack of air at the supply. As a result it causes the appearance of soot in your Oven. First of all lets start with one of the most […]

Dishwasher repair

Dishwasher repair service When Dishwasher repair is required, it is better to entrust such manipulations to Dishwasher repair service professionals. This is due to the fact that this household equipment is quite complex in terms of design and interference in the operation of the system can have quite deplorable consequences. Only the availability of the necessary theoretical, as well […]

Appliance repair, main types

Appliance repair Appliance Repair is a complex of works carried out to restore the equipment’s performance, broken during operation as a result of breakages (surface wear, deformation of parts, disturbance of plantings, etc.). Depending on the degree of damage and wear of parts, as well as the laboriousness of repair work in the unified system […]

Dishwasher troubles

Dishwasher advantages Time seems to be more important than ever. Thats why products that save us time and money become more and more important. We know that almost 25% of the time we spend on housework every day is taken by the manual cleaning of dishes. No wonder why dishwashers today have become an essential […]