How to Use the Troubleshooting Guide 3 The list below indicates how the Troubleshooting Guide is arranged. Identify the description of the problem that the unit is experiencing from the list and go to the page indicated. To the left of the problem description is a letter. Locate that letter in the left column of the Troubleshooting Guide. The center column will identify the possible causes for the problem. And, the information in the right column will explain what tests to perform in order to determine if what you are checking is the cause and/or what action to take to correct the problem.

Problem Posible Cause TEST / ACTION
Cubes are Shallow, Incomplete or White High Relative Humidity with Front Panel Heater Fault a. Check heater wire connections (in control box); reconnect or repair. b. Check resistance of heater; replace bin front panel assembly if heater is open or shorted.


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